What Industry expects from Fresh Engineering Graduates

  • Every year, countless students pass out from engineering colleges in India. The number of students graduating from engineering colleges is much more in India than in countries like China and USA. Yet, only about 30% of the engineering graduates get jobs while the rest either remain unemployed or take up jobs that are not related to their field.
  • What is the reason for this unemployment or underemployment? What could be the industry expectations from an engineering graduate? What are the students lacking that prevent them from getting the right jobs?
  • Is it that the engineering graduates do not cater to the need of this budding industry or is there some other fact to justify this unique tendency? Here we have listed out a few of the major expectations of the industry from engineering graduates.
  • Communication Skills
  • Knowledge Beyond the Textbooks
  • Ability to Lead
  • Positive Approach
  • Updated with Latest in Technology
  • Willingness To Travel
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Practical Knowledge

Precise 3DM offers

Foundation Course
(For 3rd year Engg. Students)


  • 3D Scanning
    • Principles and Types of Scanning
    • Technology
    • Types of 3D Scanners
  • Inspection
    • Contact and Non-contact scanning
    • methods Inspection
    • Methods of Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Different Software’s used in reverse engineering technology.

Advanced Course
(For 4th year Engg. Students)


  • 3D Scanning & Services
  • Types of services
    • Blue / White Light 3D Scanning
    • Hand held 3D Scanning
    • Desktop 3D scanner
    • Arm based Laser 3D Scanning
      • Quantum Scan Arm HD
      • CMM (coordinate measurement machine)
  • Inspection
    • CMM inspection
    • Inspection Software usage
    • Workshop on Scanning and Reporting
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Specific software CAD /
    • Hands-on CAD Specific Software’s

Why this Course?

When it comes to using Scanners, ‘millions of points’ is integral to laser scanning. To acquire skills and precision in laser scanning high-definition survey and achieving accurate, 3D data is a challenging task.
Professionals and Engineers who know the potential value of the rich data have questions

  • Am I equipped to acquire accurate data?
  • How do I work with all that data?
  • Do I have the skills to read the data?

To examine the skills required for a successful career in providing 3D Scanning services in laser scanning are fundamental skills in field surveying and office processing. The industry also expects the resource to be able to understand business aspects of marketing and project estimating.

Course Speciality

3D Scanning

3D scanning technology has become a vital asset within industry. It has replaced outdated traditional practice by altering engineering process onto a digital platform. With this non-contact technology the timelines and performance have enriched design, machining, quality control and production applications. Our products, software and services will help you to learn how 3D scanning technology has impacted in the industry.

Digital Inspection

With challenging market conditions, it becomes very critical for an industry, that digital inspection solutions be as efficient as possible without compromising on safety. There are necessary inputs the resource or the professional/ engineer needs to know. There is the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) that is just right for scanning small-to-medium sized parts, providing precision results. The accuracies of the scanned parts will largely depend on the expertise of the operator. It is critical that the CMM operator be well trained in order to get reliable results. Getting the right Job opportunities in the scanning industry requires deep understanding of the digital inspection process.

Reverse Engineering

Our quality 3D CAD/ models enable efficient optimization and remanufacturing which are scanned using non-contact 3D scanning technology. Reverse Engineering CAD/ model generated can also be used for Digital inspection to existing objects. We can convert any physical object into CAD / data, produce drawings and change dimensions.

Market and Jobs

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the 3D Scanning & printing industry is expected to be worth $32.78 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 25.76 percent. With that growth comes money and demand for talented people to control these sophisticated devices.
So, as the 3D scanning & printing industry booms, what does it mean for job seekers? Learn the SKILL and make use of the opportunity.
A few of the opportunities are listed as below,

  • 3D Laser Scanning & Reality Capture Project Manager
  • Laser Scanning Operations Manager
  • Piping Designer/Plant 3D Designer
  • Laser Scanning Technician
  • 3D Scanning Reverse Engineer
  • AEC 3D CAD/BIM Project Manager
  • Junior Optical Engineer
  • Survey Analyst
  • Quality Technician Metrology
  • LiDar Technician

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