Blue / White Light 3D Scanning

At Precise 3DM we provide both structured white and Blue Light scanning. White light scans are typically accurate up to less than 0.001 of an inch, while blue light technology captures up to five million data points in a few seconds.

Earlier on, White light was the byword in the scanning industry. Today, with technology advancement, the output from BLUE LIGHT has been recognized as enhanced, offering superior advantages in structured light scanning devices. Simply put, blue light accomplishes improved results as compared to white light scanning.

Advantages of structured blue light scanning

  • Equipped with a longer-durable light source
  • Minimum temperature influence due to the usage of LEDs
  • Filters out other light sources and can scan in bright rooms
  • Convenience in portability
  • Ability to scan large scanning area in a single scan – up to 48 inches
  • Quick scan times – as quick 2 seconds per scan
  • Greater resolution –16 million points per scan and 16 micron (.00062”) point spacing
  • Greater accuracy –10 microns (.00039”)
  • Multipurpose and Adaptable – multiple lenses to scan small to large parts in a single system
  • Declared safe for 3D scanning of humans and animals EYES

Since LEDs are used for blue light scans, they are less sensitive to heat as compared to white light scans resulting in the light source being more consistent, running for a longer hours. A scanning device using structured blue light can significantly pick up excellent reading inside a bright room.

Outer edge projections are more comprehensible through blue light than with any other type of scanning technology. Blue light technology is the front-runner in dental scanning, which involves slightly transparent and shiny object scanning. Since blue light has short wavelengths, it is not transmitted and reflected from the surface as the resources used to construct the gingiva or scan body are often transparent.

Our qualified team of engineers use branded scanners with leading technology to measure shiny surfaces and the elaborate components with multiple elevations. For clients whose requirement is virtual models, most suited for turbine blades, molded/cast parts, tools and dies, sheet metal parts and prototypes, PRECISE 3DM proposes blue/white light scanners.

Our unique modeling expertise with exclusive technology reports compressed point cloud. The structured light scanner captures and incorporates into a CAD model for reverse engineering and metrology applications.


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