Precise 3DM New Office Inauguration (1st MAY 2K19)

Precise 3DM Inauguration

Precise 3DM New Office Inauguration (1st MAY 2K19)

Precise3D has inaugurated its corporate office in Chennai. It’s just a few days back that i joined and I am privileged to plan this new building inauguration. There were suggestions to call an industrial oriented people to create the fame in the industry for the ribbon cutting ceremony, but when we looked at the #precise3D’s journey starting from the small house kind of set up to the bigger building now, we could see only so much of hardwork and perseverance of our young staff’s. So we wanted to make it different.

There is a saying in Tamil “Matha pitha guru theivam” (mother_father_teacher_God) so we thought to pick out matha-two hardworking mothers of our staff(one is mine) after loosing their better half, as a single women they faced life with confidence and raised up leaving an indelible mark on society. Pitha-hides in mother itself isn’t it? Guru – our young and hardworking CTO Hariraj Balachandar who made many leaders today by his insight, theivam – The pastor ,who represents god’s word who work hard for the good and god-will.

And the end -we stepped into the new building with full of positive vibes and well wishes by many of our staff’s parents on this auspicious #labourday ( உழைப்பாளர் நாள் )may 1st… Though This is just a first step of our 1000 steps ahead, we always wanted “mother father teacher and god’s” support to bless us if we do good and give hands and hope if we fell down.

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