• Precision certified to VDI/VDE recommendations
• Four 5Mpix cameras
• Two scanning ranges in one unit
• Dust proof device (IP62)
• Dedicated for industries and all types of production lines
• Perfect for: quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping



First 3D scanner ready to scan in almost all conditions. With this device, 3D scanning outside or in harsh conditions is possible. Thanks to 2 changeable scanning ranges it allows you to scan medium to large objects. Thanks to its 4 5Mpix cameras, this scanner is a highly versatile and professional device. Heavy Duty Quadro is 3D solution ideal for scanning service providers and companies designing and producing elements that require quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.


Advantages of eviXscan Heavy Duty Quadro 3D scanner

Accuracy, strength & comfort

  • High quality lenses and cameras
  • Certified precision according to VDI/VDE 2634 Part 2, 4.1 Ps
  • High mechanical stability through the use of carbon fiber in construction of optical system
  • High power LED light source with 3 colours to choose from
  • Two scanning ranges in one unit
  • Complete 3D scanning system in a handy mobile case
  • High resistance to dust and moisture
  • Low power consumption
  • Possibility of calibration by the end user
  • Temperature compensation


  • lntuitive software eviXscan in two language versions English and Polish
  • Export results to the most popular formats (stl, ply, obj, asc, bin)
  • Software for editing point clouds and meshes
  • Software enhancements and updates


  • Training for 2 operators included in the price of the scanner
  • Technical support
  • 24 months warranty

Innovative design

Innovative design of eviXscan Heavy Duty Quadro 3D scanner

Made of oxidized aluminium – resistant to changing environment conditions (IP62, optional IP67).

Simultaneous scanning with two cameras
The usage of two cameras speeds up the scanning process and guarantees high accuracy.

Innovative cooling system
Automatic multi-source thermal regulation system enables the device to operate in harsh environment and guarantees repeatability of results.

Three light colours
Three high-power LED structural light sources of different colour (blue, red and green) make the device work even in the most challenging lighting conditions.



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