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3d inspection service in pune

Precise3D Metrology and Design Solution Pvt Ltd provides 3D inspection service in Pune. All type of inspections are done (ie) physical to CAD comparison, Scan to CAD comparison, Scan to CAD comparison, Scan to Scan comparison, CAD to CAD comparison, Analysis of Boundry Deviation, GD & T Inspection, Plotting & Analyzing the deviated values and Final Report Generation.

We are equipped with all type of 3D scanning & inspecting machines. With the help of our technical team we are able to understand your requirement and so we can provide the most appropriate 3D solution irrespective of the component size. We have the largest 3D lab where we have installed all kind of 3D Scanning equipment which makes it more easier for you to bring your components here and get it inspected.

If your component is a fixed one or its a large machinery, no need to worry as we have portable CMM ARM which our technical team brings it to your facility so that the job is done at your place with ease.

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