Exploring Four Different 3D Scanning Modes in Freescan Combo


Freescan Combo is an advanced 3D scanner that offers a range of scanning modes, each designed to cater to specific scanning requirements. In this blog, we will delve into the four distinct types of scanning modes available in Freescan Combo, highlighting their key features and benefits.

26 Blue Laser Lines (13 Cross Lines):

The 26 blue laser lines, with 13 of them intersecting, form the basis of this scanning mode. This configuration enables global scanning, ensuring a smooth and efficient scanning process. With a remarkable speed of up to 1.86 million points per second, this mode enables rapid data acquisition, making it ideal for applications where time is a critical factor.

  • Key Points:
  • Utilizes 26 blue laser lines, including 13 cross lines.
  • Enables global scanning for seamless and efficient data capture.
  • Impressive scanning speed of up to 1.86 million points per second.

 7 Parallel Blue Laser Lines:

In this mode, the combination of an industry-grade camera and 7 parallel blue laser lines enables precise scanning and fine detail restoration. This scanning mode is particularly suitable for capturing intricate details with exceptional accuracy. Additionally, the high scanning speed achieved under the 7 parallel laser lines mode, with a frame rate of up to 140, ensures efficient data acquisition without compromising quality. 

  • Key Points:
  • Utilizes an industry camera in conjunction with 7 parallel blue laser lines.
  • Enables precise scanning and restoration of fine details.
  • High scanning speed with a frame rate of up to 140.

Single Blue Laser Line:

Designed specifically for scanning deep holes and pocket areas, the single blue laser line mode optimizes the lens angle to ensure improved data acquisition in these challenging areas. By capturing complete data for full-size 3D inspection, this mode proves invaluable for applications requiring thorough analysis of intricate geometries.

  • Key Points:
  • Tailored for deep-hole and pocket area scanning.
  • Optimized lens angle for enhanced data acquisition in challenging areas.
  • Enables comprehensive data capture for thorough 3D inspection.

Infrared VCSEL Mode:

The Infrared VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) mode offers a unique approach to 3D scanning. It operates without the need for markers, making it a marker-free scanning solution. Moreover, the VCSEL technology ensures eye safety while delivering remarkable scanning speeds of up to 2.25 million points per second. This mode is ideal for applications where non-contact scanning is desired without compromising on speed or safety.

  • Key Points:
  • Marker-free scanning mode utilising Infrared VCSEL technology.
  • Ensures eye safety during scanning operations.
  • Impressive scanning speed of up to 2.25 million points per second.

In conclusion, The Freescan Combo offers five distinct scanning modes that will greatly enhance your scanning workflow and allow you to scan objects of varying sizes and methods based on your specific requirements. To experience the effectiveness of these five scanning modes and freescan Combo, reach out to Precise3DM today. As authorized resellers of Shining 3D and Oqton Geomagic Software, we can provide demonstrations of these scanning modes either online or on-site, tailored to your unique applications. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the full potential of the Freescan Combo and elevate your scanning capabilities. Contact Precise3DM now.

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