How can 3D scanning service providers save cost & increase profit with Freescan Combo 3D scanner India?

The demand for 3D scanning services in India has been on the rise in recent years due to the emergence of new applications such as AR/VR and IoT, in addition to the traditional applications of reverse engineering and 3D inspection. However, the current process of 3D scanning remains time-consuming and expensive, resulting in reduced profits and longer turnaround times. This is where the Freescan Combo 3D scanner comes into play, revolutionising the 3D scanning industry by enabling service providers to increase profits and achieve a faster return on investment (ROI).

The Freescan Combo is a versatile 3D metrology scanner that utilizes dual light sources, namely Blue laser and infrared VCSL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser). Both light sources are employed for distinct 3D scanning applications.

In this blog post, I provide a concise overview of how 3D scanning service providers 

can effectively reduce costs, increase profits, and achieve a faster return on investment (ROI) by utilizing the Freescan Combo 3D scanner in the following ways:

Cost saving factors :

Eliminating the need for developer spray: Unlike traditional scanners, the Freescan Combo can scan most of the black-coloured and shiny metal  objects without the requirement of expensive developer spray. This eliminates the cost of purchasing and using the spray, when you perform 3d scanning services ,resulting in immediate cost savings.

Minimising the cost of 3D scanning markers : With the Freescan Combo’s infrared mode, service providers can reduce the number of markers needed for scanning highly detailed objects. For objects with fewer intricate features, even fewer markers or magnetic markers are required in hybrid mode , reducing marker-related expenses for your service business.

Lowering transportation costs :  The Freescan Combo is lightweight, weighing only 620 grams, making it convenient for you to carry in your handbag while travelling by flight, train, bus, or any other mode of transportation. Unlike other stationary or arm-based scanners with large tripods that incur significant transportation costs, the Freescan Combo eliminates such constraints. This allows you to easily perform 3D scanning services in various parts of the country without the hassle of heavy equipment or expensive transportation expenses.

Cost Savings on FOV Investments : In the past, service providers had to purchase 3D scanners with different field of view (FOV) capabilities in order to handle objects of varying sizes. However, the Freescan Combo offers an adaptable scanning range, enabling 3D scanning service providers to scan objects of different sizes using a single scanner. This eliminates the need for additional investments in purchasing scanners with different FOV lenses.

Save cost on manpower : The Manpower cost for using the Freescan Combo is significantly reduced due to its user-friendly scanner & software interface. It is designed in a way that anyone can quickly grasp the scanner’s usage within just one or two days of training. Operating the equipment does not require an experienced metrology specialist or scanning expert. Even a novice can undergo training and start using the scanner proficiently in a short period of time.

key factors that Increase Profit

Rapid Scanning Speed: 

The Freescan Combo sets itself apart by capturing an impressive 1.8 million points per second. With such remarkable scanning speed, service providers can complete scanning tasks at a faster rate compared to other scanners in the market. This increased efficiency allows providers to take on more projects within a given timeframe, translating into higher revenue potential.

Versatile Scanning Range:

 One of the significant advantages of the Freescan Combo is its ability to scan objects of various sizes. Whether it’s a small or large object, the scanner accommodates both ends of the spectrum. By leveraging this versatility, service providers can expand their offerings without the need to invest in multiple scanners with different field-of-views (FOVs). This flexibility enables providers to cater to a broader client base, opening doors to new revenue streams.

Improved Scanning Precision: 

The Freescan Combo delivers exceptional scanning precision, ensuring high-quality and accurate results. This level of precision enhances client satisfaction and builds trust in the service provider’s capabilities. Satisfied clients are more likely to provide positive reviews, referrals, and repeat business, contributing to increased profits and a strong reputation in the industry.

Post-sales Support

Expanding Service Offerings:

The versatile scanning modes of the Freescan Combo allow you to undertake projects in both engineering and non-engineering applications. Whether it’s scanning mechanical engineering components or non-engineering items like statues, ornaments, or even the human body, the Freescan Combo covers a wide range of applications. This flexibility enables you to diversify your project portfolio across different segments, thereby increasing scanning profits and occupancy.


To summarise, the Freescan Combo 3D scanner offers significant benefits to 3D scanning service providers in India, allowing them to enhance their profits and attain a faster return on investment. For a freescan combo demonstration and price quotation, please reach out to Precise3DM. As authorised resellers of Shining 3D and Oqton Geomagic software, we can provide a bundled package of multifunctional handheld metrology scanner for 3D Reverse Engineering  and inspection applications, along with Design X and Control X software. Contact us at Precise3DM for more information.

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