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3D Scanning of Strawberry?

While everybody thought Reverse engineering is widely used in metrology inspection, retrieval of shape and size from worn out part and sculpture detail extraction, here in PRECISE 3D we found its new application in food industry for extracting details from a fruit and converting it to a chocolate. How come? The first question that arrives in the mind…

Yesterday a new customer approached us with a brilliant idea of creating a chocolate in the shape of a fruit. And, that’s how we undertake the challenge and resolve the case.

At first we make a detailed analyze on what exactly, customer expectation is and then we give service to fulfill his requirement. In this case, customer prospect towards 3D scanning is way much more than what we thought, he came with an innovative idea in 3D scanning that just mesmerized us with a blow.

Team selected a box of strawberry and isolated one of the finest strawberry from the box and 3d scanned with Einscan SP and done rest of the reverse engineering work in design x to create nurbs surface and convert the created nurbs surface to mold cavity as you can see.

                       (Fruit to be scanned)

Einscan SP is one of the compact desktop 3dscannner for medium size parts. We selected Einscan SP just to show how 3d scanning can be used even in home application. Reverse engineering was done in design X and mold cavity was created in this manner.

(While scanning)

(Scanned output)

(Mold cavity design)

For a moment!! Just think in this way we have a desktop 3d scanner and 3d printer in home. We can do anything like replicating a pen to gun. Kind of joking about the gun!! You guys must have watched Jurassic park movie where they scanned a raptor nostril and 3d printed it. It acted a core part of the movie in archaeology. Just think about the usage of reverse engineering, what we have found is just a few while a lot still to be explored. Brainstorm new idea let’s make engineering a fun activity and world a better place to live in. This is the reason why PRECISE 3D stays the best in Reverse Engineering services for its response towards customer needs and making their dreams come true…

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