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What is reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is also called as back engineering is the process of re-creating drawing by 3d scanning of the part for extracting data and measurement. Two step simple process are

  1. Scan the part
  2. create 3d model of the object

Need for digital reverse engineering services?

Common reason is

  • Analyze a competitor product,
  • Create a machine drawing for handmade prototype,
  • Replicate a one of a kind of part,
  • Blueprint part for government certification,
  • Create the mold for a part and
  • to make a part cheaper.

Types of digital reverse Engineering model; –

Our service process output comes with 3 major categories. Which then subdivided as per client requirements

  • Shrink-wrap surface model
  • Hybrid surface model
  • Nurbs model

Nurbs surface model

Output characteristics,

  • Patch work of small surfaces
  • Captures as built data
  • Includes manufactures defects
  • Includes deformed shape due to wear and tear
  • Non Class A surface


  • Need as built data
  • Surface finish is not critical
  • Designing part to fit in as built data
  • Freeform surface such as teeth, bones sculpture’s and custom fit molds

Hybrid surface model

Output characteristics,

  • Dumb IGES surfaces or solid
  • Can be class A surface
  • Ideal data converted from scan data
  • Modifications require re-trimming


  • Few modifications to the file are going to be made
  • 2D drawing is needed
  • Surface needs to be smooth for manufacturing

Parametric model

Output characteristics,

  • Ideal data converted from scan data
  • Parametric solid model
  • Fully modifiable parametric model with model tree as per client required software
  • Can be a Class A surface


  • 2d drawing are needed
  • Modification of the file going to happen
  • CAE and CFD analysis are meant to done

Live transferable software’s like

  • Creo/pro e
  • Siemens NX
  • Catia V5,
  • Solidworks
  • Catia V4,
  • Autocad inventor and
  • Solid edge

What one can do with the 3D model created by reverse engineering service?

Since the re-created part is of high quality and with great accuracy it can be used in many processes like

  • Machining and Molding,
  • 3D printing,
  • Making changes to design,
  • Can be used to design mating parts or packaging,
  • Patent drawings,
  • Lost documentation
  • Comparison with other parts or scans and
  • Competitor product analysis

Once the part has been digitalized it can be used in many ways as per the requirement need arises

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