EinScan Pro2X and 2X Plus

Yes, it IS possible, but Bright daylight or direct sunlight must be avoided. On the scanned surface, the projector must be significantly brighter than the environment light, but Don’t use scanner in high temperature or humidity conditions.

Einscan comes with standard one year warranty that any issues that happen within a year we shall give a back up 3d scanner and get the scanner issue fixed up in a maximum of two weeks.

Black object reflects light in various direction, so you need to apply developer 3D scanning spray to 3d scan black and shiny surface objects.

Einscan 3d scanner gives mesh files that can be exported as .Stl file for 3D printing, Reverse engineering and 3D inspection or any downstream applications

Yes, it’s possible to 3d scan colored object with einscan, Einscan comes with add on called “einscan color pack “

Yes , with its high accuracy you can use it for any industrial usage that demands accuracy level of more than 50microns

Einscan is white light 3D scanner

With einscan industrial pack, you can scan small object starting from 20 mm to 250mm, using handheld mode you can 3D scan  larger object up to 5meters, however, we preicse3D have 3d scanned the biggest statue of 20 meters using Geomagic wrap software alignment method
Being a 3D service provider, you will have to 3D scan smaller objects in-house or you may want you to perform 3D scanning at your client location, with Einscan 3D Scanner you can perform both using Its fixed mode and handheld mode , after all its affordable 3d scanner in the market.
Handheld rapid mode to enable you to scan without stickers , handheld mode to 3d scan with high accuracy, Fixed 3d scan mode to 3d scan small objects
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