Freescan 5x&7x

Freescan can do unlimited scanning with a single scan range of 300×275mm

Scanned data from freescan can be used in reverse engineering, 3d inspection and 3d printing

Once the scanner has been transported for some distance it needs to be calibrated due to vibration of the scanner during transportation. If not calibrated it would affect the accuracy and results in misalignment.

Digimetric is also known as photogrammetry method of scanning which can be used as an attachment which decrease the volumetric accuracy and increase the accuracy of the scanning for large parts sizing to 5 metre size

.STL, .OBJ and .PLY

Scanning of large components such as pump, tool & die,foundries, casting & moulding turbine blades etc

Laser Handheld scanner is a shop floor 3D scanner which can scan black and shiny surfaces at harsh environments, where it is not possible with structured light scanner and it also needs a lab setup

High precision metrology grade handheld laser type scanner with German VDI/VDE 2634 certified standard

Harmless to human eyes laser light has been used in freescan which comes with a certification EN 60825-1: 2014

Hybrid of optics and inertia handheld technology enables to scan at higher speed and accuracy

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