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3D scanning made inspection of large parts effortless work

Measuring of large parts is considered as one of the hardest task in metrology. measuring with a measuring instruments is hard due to size and heavy weight of the component. So usually a photogrammetry based 3D scanner is required to measure this kind of components.

Shinning 3D Freescan is the perfect solution for this kind of components. Freescan is metrology grade certified handheld portable type laser scanner can reach high volumetric accuracy when connected with Digi metric 0.02 mm+0.025mm/m.

Drawbacks in traditional measuring method

Traditional measuring instrument such as Vernier caliper, micrometer, are very ineffective and reliability is very less. Factors affecting the measurement are

  • Transportation cost for moving part to traditional CMM measurement bed,
  • Break time due to long time for measuring,
  • Delay time in measurement affects the Labor cost due to idle action,
  • Complicated profile can’t be measured,
  • Labor skill is considered as the key factor as repeatability is based on his skill set,
  • Even if the measurement device is high accurate, fatigue of the worker places a huge factor.

3D Inspection advantages over traditional measuring methods

3D inspection helps to verify free form surface as well as complex shapes which is not possible in traditional measuring methods. It gives repeatable result which can be considered as reliable results. Inspection time is very less compared to traditional measuring methods. And all the drawbacks in the traditional method above mentioned are turned as the advantages for the 3D inspection

Is Freescan the perfect scanning solution for large part?

In spite of normal structural light 3Dscanner and CMM scanner here freescan uses laser light as   scanning source which can work in harsh environment and generates as built raw data without makeup to get a beautiful scan data like the structural scanners. This laser light is not harmful to human eyes. With its handheld portable mode 3D scanning becomes easy factor. Applying white spray to recognize by scanner is not required at all in freescan X7


Volume of the part is around 1400 x 1400 x 500 mm which needs to be scanned and GD & T inspection has to be undertaken to verify its flatness. So freescan X7 is the perfect solution for this kind of job.

Time consumption

  • Attaching target stickers to recognize the part from different perspective which took 3 minute
  • 3D scanning took around 5 minutes.
  • Inspecting in Geomagic Control X took 5 minutes which has been made as a youtube tutorial video and the link has been shown in this blog
  • Generating report took 2 minutes with customizing view driven as per customer needs.

In total it took 15 minutes to fully complete the inspection work.

Tutorial for the same part has been made in the below mentioned


Freescan is considered as the best scanner suitable for scanning large parts in meterology inspection for its adaptable for the part environment and quick response done the scanning work in 15 minutes and made look easy.

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