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3D scanning of worn out part and replace in real time!

In the modern world lots of technologies have made way and growing in a tremendous manner but in 3d scanning instead gradual growth it grows in a rapid manner. 3D laser scanning and replacing a static part is possible but replacing a dynamic part takes a huge risk.

Customer requirement is?

A 20 year old giant pump seems to be in a huge trouble, this pump working medium is blackish water which runs 16hrs/day result in the casing cover to wear out soon enough. This may cause the efficiency and life cycle of the pump to be reduced causing a huge loss to customer. Backup of design data for future reference by reverse engineering. So we gave the reverse engineering with freescan X7 and Geomagic design X as the solution.

Why our experts choose FreeScan X7?

  • Handheld scanning which makes scanning ease for shop floor surrounding
  • High accuracy of 0.03mm
  • Volume precision of 0.02mm + 0.06mm/m.z

Reverse Engineering Process:-

  • As the first step a set of target stickers were fixed on the casting part for aligning purpose.

  • 20 minutes to scan the complete object with Freescan X7
  • 10 minutes for post processing has been done in Geomagic Wrap

  • For parametric modeling considering fit and casting allowance design data has been made in 15 hrs. with the help of the Geomagic Design X

With the help of Freescan X7, Geomagic Wrap and Geomagic Design X a physical pump casing has been converted to a digitalized 3d drawing and in future a number of replica parts can be created by considering this drawing as a master piece. Hence Problem has been solved with ease of energy and pump has been renovated.

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