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3D scanners are based on many different technologies, each has got its own limitation and advantages, choosing a right scanner for your application may be tricky task, we Precise 3D As one of the emerging 3d scanners distributors in India, we have collaborated with multiple 3D scanner manufacturers around the globe to bring various types of 3d scanners based on customers various industrial applications. 

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Our application engineer is ready to demo the capabilities of einscan 3D scanner based on your requirement, we can do it online just book the appointment and we will ready in the next 1 hour 

One Stop 3D Solution

Optical 3D Scanning

3d scanners At an affordable cost, you want to scan sometimes smaller, larger and textured objects? Explore what do we mean multifunctional

Handheld Meltrology 3D Scanning

Looking for a 3d scanners for industrial usage where high detail, precision, and accuracy matters?

Arm Based 3D Scaning

Cheap and affordable 3D scanners for education and want to place it into your desktop?


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Frequently asked questions

Freescan can do unlimited scanning with a single scan range of 300×275mm

Scanned data from freescan can be used in reverse engineering, 3d inspection and 3d printing

Once the scanner has been transported for some distance it needs to be calibrated due to vibration of the scanner during transportation. If not calibrated it would affect the accuracy and results in misalignment.

Digimetric is also known as photogrammetry method of scanning which can be used as an attachment which decrease the volumetric accuracy and increase the accuracy of the scanning for large parts sizing to 5 metre size

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