Optical 3D Scanner (Blue and White)

Optical 3D Scanner (Blue and White)

In addition to laser scanning, 3D Engineering Solutions supports precision structured light scanning for certain 3D digitizing and metrology applications. Structured light scanners use ultra-high accuracy/resolution optical imaging to triangulate points from multiple locations. By comparing millions of pixels, this process can produce a more precise point cloud with a better definition of subtle edge features.

White Light Scanning

With structured white light, scans are typically accurate up to less than 0.001 of an inch. Structured light can capture a denser point cloud that typical laser scanning. Structured light scans can be so accurate that this process is a popular choice when a near exact virtual model is required.

For this reason, white light scanning is ideal for scanning components such as sheet metal parts, tools and dies, turbine blades, molded/cast parts, and intricate prototypes. And by using a non-contact process, data is collected efficiently with minimal setups.

Since the dense point cloud captured by a structured light scanner can be interpolated into a CAD model like other 3D digitizing methods used by 3D Engineering Solutions, our unique modeling expertise is key to harnessing this unique technology for your reverse engineering and metrology applications.

Structured Blue Light Scanning

3D Engineering Solutions also uses structured blue light technology to capture up to eight million data points in a few seconds.

Benefits of structured blue light scanning over structured white light scanning include:

  • Increased portability of equipment
  • A longer-lasting light source
  • Lower temperature influence due to the use of LEDs
  • The ability to scan inside a well-lit room while filtering out other light sources

Will structured light scanning work for your project? Consult with the experts at 3D Engineering Solutions today.


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