Arm based Laser 3D Scanning

Arm based Laser 3D Scanning systems work by fastening the articulated arm to either a table or sturdy base, held by a hand grip at the end and moved around to probe or scan.
Known also as a probing system, the arm based 3D scanning is comparable to a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). It can use a touch probe to measure a part. The arm based systems are also equipped to collect large amount of points with an attachable 3D laser scanner and are easily transportable as against a CMM, thereby, making it easily accessible in a shop floor environment.

Advantages of Arm based 3D Scanners and Probe systems

  • A single part can be probed and scanned
  • Transportable
  • Precision results on small to medium sized parts

Features of a CMM

  • Fitted with a laser probe, our portable CMM (coordinate measurement machine) arms are just right for scanning small-to-medium sized parts, with precise measurements.
  • Exact position of the machine is obtained with the arm being mounted to a fixed base with six or seven connectors with encoders in them that monitor the position. The laser probe emits a laser line that is directed onto the object. The 3D point cloud data from the laser passes is captured by a camera sensor on the laser probe.
  • Movement during scanning will cause scanning inaccuracies, which means that while scanning with a CMM arm, it is important for the proposed part or parts to be motionless.
  • The accuracies of the scanned parts will largely depend on the expertise of the operator. It is critical that the CMM operator be well trained in order to get reliable results. An all-in-one measurement solution can be derived once the FARO™ Blue Laser Line Probe HD is attached to the EDGE measuring arm. The attachment can be done through Plug and Play.
  • A special feature of the CMM arm that is unavailable in other types of scanners is its highly advantageous ‘touch probe’ that captures regular plane structure as well as cylinders. Arms are available in different lengths, ranging from 6 ft to 12 ft indicating the diameter of its work area.
  • With the hard probe and the Laser Line Probe, digitization can take place in mutual substitution without removing either of the elements. Simple features can be digitized with the Arm’s hard probe. Scanning of various surface materials regardless of contrast, reflectivity or part complexity without any special coatings or target placement can be done effortlessly.

Features of the EDGE Scan Arm® HD

  • Ideal for inspection and quality control, the EDGE Scan Arm® HD from FARO Blue Laser Line Probe HD is capable of point cloud comparison with CAD, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and 3D modeling of irregular and asymmetrical shapes most commonly known as free-form surfaces.
  • With the portable CMM leading the way to inspection techniques and measure, the EDGE Scan Arm HD offers supreme contact and non-contact 3D scanning services with blue laser technology for faster capture, higher resolution and accurate data.


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