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Precise3D, a 3D Business solution provider, equips companies with advanced disruptive technologies, software & hardware that help their day-to-day productivity, increase profit, and turnaround time, directly improving their business.

We also provide 3D technical solutions that enable companies to avail highly specialized challenging short and long-term projects with our in-house & on-site 3D solutions.

  • Distributors of 3D Scanners & Software
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  • Automotive Benchmarking Specialists
  • 3D Scanning Service Provider
  • Customized 3D Solutions
  • One-Stop 3D Scanning Solutions


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utilize our large variety of cutting-edge equipment.

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We offer a comprehensive 3D Scanning service

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End-to-end engineering portfolio

that supports digital manufacturing
3D Software

3D Software

Software solution for CAD, Digital Reverse Engineering, 3D Metrology

3D printers

3D printers

Solutions facilitating the transformation from Digital to Physical

3d Scanners

3d Scanners

Solutions for bringing the Physical into Digital

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send us a Request for a Quotation Online

Send us a request for a quotation online.

 we will fix up an online or on-site demo

We will fix up an online or on-site demo.

Modelling and 3D Inspection benchmarking can also  be done on-site

Modeling and 3D Inspection Benchmarking can also be done on-site.

we will facilitate the import, customs and logistics of your order

We will facilitate the import, customs, and logistics of your order.

we will continue to empower you with training, information and long-lasting post sales support

We will continue to empower you with training, information, and long-lasting post-sales support.