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When Scanning and Probing Matters!!

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Arm laser 3D Scanning service, integrating both 3D Scanning and probing, helps capture the complicated freeform shape along with 2D features using probing, such as holes positions, extract planes, slots, and other geometries for various applications.

Precise3DM equip with a newly calibrated Faro arm scanner to cater to our India customer with faro arm laser 3D Scanning services.


Faro arm based Scanner

Key Features

  • Faro edge arm has provision for mounting different length probes to measure and extract features that difficult to access.

  • Our portable CMM (coordinate measurement machine) arms, mounted with a laser line probe, are just right for 3D Scanning small-to-medium-sized parts with precise measurements.

  • Precise3DM provides PAN India on-site 3D Scanning services for Faro arm laser 3D scanners.

  • All our Faro arms are the latest calibrated with proper certifications.

  • More than 6 locations in the county enabled pan India customers to 3D Scan using Faro arm locally.

Machine specification

Scanner Name

faro arm based Scanner

Mounting Arm based Scanner
Accuracy Scanning: 0.03mm / Probing : 0.001
Field of View 115mm
Scan Range 1.8m
Point Spacing 0.0381mm
Depth 115mm
Speed 5,60,000 p/s
Resolution -
Pixel -
Technology laser scanner
Temperature 10°-40° C
Power Source 100 to 240 V AC

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Frequently asked questions

It is ideal for inspection and quality control, point cloud comparison with CAD, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and 3D modeling of irregular and asymmetrical shapes, most commonly known as free-form surfaces.

You can 3D scan objects from 100 mm to a maximum of 500 mm sized items. However, it's possible to 3D Scan an even bigger object by using 3D software capabilities by creating a 3D Scan group and matching the overlapping areas of the 3D Scan groups.

3D Scanning of sheet metal components, Die casting parts, plastic components, two-wheeler bike frames with many holes positions, and butting surfaces, or any medium-size objects that got 2D geometric features and freeform shapes.

Movement during the 3D Scan will cause scanning inaccuracies, which means that while scanning with a CMM arm, it is important for the proposed part or parts to be motionless.

We provide 3D Scanning services in India's populous metro cities, mainly 3D Scanning in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Chandigarh.

No, 3D Scanners directly provide manufacture-ready 3D models. There is a Digital Reverse Engineering process that converts 3D Scans to CAD.