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Precise3DM provides Handheld metrology laser 3D Scanning services that use original HOI (Hybrid of Optics and Inertia) scanning technology. The Free scan series is applicable for a wide range of operating environments and a variety of measured objects. It can maximize scanning efficiency to achieve excellent results.


free scan x7

Key Features

  • Its Ultra-portable laser Handheld 3D measurement system weighs only 0.95 kg, to access narrow space operation without any external clamping positioning.

  • Free scan X7 3D Scanner is very compact and can be carried in a small case, so there will be no transportation cost to bring the 3D Scanner to your location.

  • Industrial grade metrology standard German VDI/VDE 2634 certified 3D Scanner.

  • PAN India service for on-site Handheld 3D Scanning, need to book in just two days in advance.

  • In-house team for reverse engineering, digital inspection & applications, and post 3D Scanning.

  • 3D Scanning can be performed in harsh environmental conditions.

Machine specification

Scanner Name

free scan x7

Mounting Handheld scanner
Accuracy Rapid hand mode : 0.03 mm
Field of View 300 X 275 mm
Scan Range 100-8000mm
Point Spacing 0.030mm
Depth 250mm
Speed 4,80,000 p/s
Resolution 0.05mm
Pixel -
Technology Laser scanner
Temperature 10°-40° C
Power Source 100 to 240 V AC

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Frequently asked questions

No, It's okay if there is a moment in the object during the 3D Scanning process. We paste the 3D Scanning markers on the object before we start 3D Scanning, and the 3D Scanner uses them for real-time tracking that allows fast and accurate 3D Scanning even if the part moves.

You don't have to move 3D Scanning objects to any closed environment. We perform the 3D Scan in your shop floor, 3D Scan in your factory, or any harsh environments.

Harmless to human eyes, laser light is used in Freescan, which comes with a certification EN 60825-1: 2014.

Yes, it's possible to 3D Scan any smaller portion of a bigger vehicle, machinery, or equipment. You don't have to dismantle and keep it separate for 3D Scanning.