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Precise3DM provides multifunctional 3D Scanning using Shining3D's Einscan 3D Scanners. It has got multiple 3D Scanning modes such as Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Fixed Scan, and thus it's called multifunctional 3D Scanning. It's widely used in engineering and non-engineering applications.


einscan 3D scanner

Key Features

  • Add on a Color pack option for 3D Scanning a textured/Coloured object.

  • Add on HD pack for 3D Scanning highly detailed features.

  • Add on Industrial pack to 3D scan desktop-sized objects.

  • PAN India 3D Scanning services cater to any location in the country.

  • Weekly or monthly rental options at discounted rates.

  • In-house team for any bigger projects for post-3D Scan applications such as reverse engineering and 3D Inspection.

Machine specification

Scanner Name

einscan 3D scanner

Mounting Handheld scanner
Accuracy fixed mode: 0.04 mm / hand held HD: 0.5mm / rapid hand mode: 0.1mm
Field of View 208 X 136 mm
Scan Range Flexible
Point Spacing 0.2-3mm
Depth 100mm
Speed Approx. 5 seconds
Resolution Higher Resolution
Pixel 1.3 megapixel
Technology White light scanner
Temperature 10-40 C
Power Source 100 to 240 V AC

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Frequently asked questions

With the Einscan industrial pack, you can scan small objects starting from 20 mm to 250mm. Using Handheld mode, you can 3D Scan larger objects up to 5 meters. However, at Precise3D we have 3D scanned the giant statue of 20 meters using the Geomagic wrap software alignment method.

Yes, it's possible to 3D Scan colored objects as Einscan has an accessory called Einscan color pack that enables us to 3D Scan an object with its color.

The black color object reflects light in various directions, so you need to apply developer 3D scanning spray to 3D scan black and shiny surface objects.

Yes, it is possible. But bright daylight or direct sunlight must be avoided. The projector must be significantly brighter on the scanned surface than the environment light, but we cannot use the scanner in high temperature or humidity conditions.