Optical Blue Light 3D scanning services

When Detail and Accuracy matters

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Precise3DM provides GOM 3D Scanning Services in India. We use a high-end structured blue light 3D Scanning technology that provides Precision 3D Scans with detailed resolution at high speed.

With this, we provide repeatable, accurate measurements with flexibility and ensure process reliability.


gom atos compact scan

Key Features

  • Have set up a world-class GOM 3D scanning center in many parts of the country to enable PAN Indian customers to 3D Scan their part or object or component using our GOM 3D Scanning services locally in nearby locations.

  • Equipped with Various measuring volumes starting from MV170: 170 x 130 mm² to MV1200: 1200 x 1000 mm². High-end 3D Scans small and large objects.

  • An exclusive giant tripod and additional photogrammetric options can be used with the GOM System to 3D Scan very large items to maintain a high level of accuracy.

  • Precise3DM provides a PAN India 3D Scanning service for On-site GOM 3D Scanning along with our in-house 3D scanning experts.

  • Globally trained experts to operate GOM system and software.

  • In-house team for post 3D Scan applications such as reverse engineering and 3D Inspection.

Machine specification

Scanner Name


Mounting Tripod scanner
Accuracy 0.008 mm / 0.015-0.02 mm / 0.04-0.05 mm (for bigger objects)
Field of View 175mm / 600mm / 1200 mm
Scan Range Flexible
Point Spacing 0.05mm / 0.179mm / 0.378 mm
Depth 590mm / 590mm / 1180mm
Speed Approx 1 second
Resolution Higher Resolution
Pixel 8 megapixel
Technology Structured Blue Light scanner
Temperature 5°-40° C
Power Source 90 to 230 V AC

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Frequently asked questions

At PRECISE3DM, We use GOM 3D Scanner with three versions and measuring volumes: MV 100, MV 200, and MV 400. With all three sensors, you can rely on high-precision measurements for small to medium-sized objects.

Yes, we provide on-site 3D Scanning in any part of the country. You need to fill out our GOM on-site 3D scanning service form. Our GOM 3D scanner expert near your location brings the GOM scanner along with an appropriate FOV (Measuring volume) based on your component size and applications. Look at the Precise3DM's GOM 3D scanning service near your location. We are in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and New Delhi.

3D Scanning of the entire airplane, 3D Scanning of full car interior and exterior, 3D Scanning of heavy machines, 3D Scanning of large-sized castings, 3D Scanning of high detailed small plastic components, 3D Scanning of automotive parts, 3D Scanning of tiny components, and many more types of components can be 3D scanned using GOM 3D scanners.